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Fireplace doors

Having a door in the fireplace is
cheaper, cleaner, safer, more elegant and gives more heat.

We make fireplace doors and
everything you need for your equipment

Having a door in the fireplace is:

  • More economical because with the grille of the door you can control the speed of consumption of the firewood by adjusting the draft of air that enters the fire causing the wood to consume more slowly.

  • Cleaner because the door prevents odors, fumes and ashes from coming into the house.

  • Safer because the door prevents sparks or embers from jumping inside the house that can ignite on curtain fabrics, armchairs or their clothes.

  • More elegant because the door prevents the ashes and soot from being seen giving a more neat appearance to the room.

  • It gives more heat because the door and the glass act like a radiator and diffuse the heat of the fire better. 

Assembly without works.  

Single-leaf fireplace doors.


Own designs
and custom jobs on request.

Two-leaf fireplace doors.


Shipping anywhere in Spain
or the European Union.

Special works.


using premium steels
and Neoceram glass ceramic.



Ask for a budget without obligation.

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